Official Statement on Transgender Guidance


Dear transgender and gender nonconforming students,

Today, the Departments of Education and Justice rescinded the 2016 Dear Colleague letter that clarifies schools’ obligations to provide you with an education free from discrimination and violence.

We, like many of you, are sad, angry, and frustrated. Some of you may be afraid of the possibility of escalated violence to come as a result of this discriminatory act, and your fears and feelings are valid.

We know that you, transgender and gender nonconforming students, experience disproportionately high rates of sexual violence, and that those rates are highest among trans women of color. We also know that your voices are often silenced when they deserve to be heard. We hear you and we are here for you.

Know that even without the guidance, your rights under Title IX stand. Whether you live in North Carolina or California, your state does not determine your civil rights.

You have the right to an education free from violence and discrimination. You have the right to have your gender identity and gender expression respected. You have the right to be yourself.

If the federal government refuses to enforce your rights, we will be there to fight by your side.

In solidarity,
End Rape on Campus