Action Events


Student + Advocate Protests Against Sexual Violence in the U.S.

May 1, 2021 – February 15, 2023

This report uses data produced by the Crowd Counting Consortium (CCC) to describe trends in protest against sexual violence in schools in the United States. The current version of the larger data set from which these records were drawn can be found online in the GitHub repository of Harvard Kennedy School’s Nonviolent Action Lab.

Since May 1, 2021, CCC has recorded 355 protests, rallies, vigils, and other public gatherings related to sexual violence in schools in 201 different cities and towns across the U.S. Estimates of crowd size are available for 262 of these 355 events, or 74%. For those 262 events, we counted a total of 25,956 to 40,742 participants. Some 201 of these events focused on colleges and universities; the remaining 154 focused on middle or high schools or other educational institutions (e.g., public school districts).

The chart below shows the distribution of these events over time.