Student Survivor Caucus


The Student Survivor Caucus is a group of 25 student survivors from across the country, coming together to form a community, meet regularly, receive training in advocacy, policy, and prevention, and concurrently develop and execute action plans to create change on their respective campuses as well as state-wide and nationally. 

We believe that to eliminate sexual assault and violence from our college campuses and communities, we must engage in participatory-based action and activism. That is, we must work alongside and involve at every step, survivors of campus and other sexual assault. In line with our Centering the Margins framework, we also believe that the voices and experiences of survivors from marginalized identities must be brought to the forefront if we are to truly work to eliminate relationship violence. 

EROC is starting our pilot year of the SSC, to run during the 2021-2022 academic year. 

Why the Student Survivor Caucus?

  • EROC has a responsibility to invest in the future of this movement, by providing opportunities to educate, engage with, and work alongside young folks and survivors.
  • At EROC, we do this work for survivors, with survivors. That is imperative, that is essential. We believe survivors, always. Survivors know their experience, know what they need and don’t need, and know where change needs to happen. 
  • In alignment with our Centering The Margins framework, we recognize the need to create and cultivate intentional spaces that center survivors at the margins – that is – survivors with intersecting, historically and systematically marginalized, identities. 
  • We believe that in order to end sexual violence, we have to think outside the box. There was a time before Title IX, a time before Clery, a time before the 15th Amendment, a time before all of the important policies, laws and guidance that have led us to where we are now. We are asking – what is it that we need next? What is the policy or action that will define “the time before” that we are in right now? What will truly push us forward in this movement? What haven’t we thought of, who haven’t we listened to, what haven’t we tried? We hope that the SSC will help answer these questions and guide us all to the next big thing in the movement to end sexual violence.

Who Can Participate?

The SSC is open to college student survivors of sexual violence/assault, undergraduate and graduate. We are also intentionally looking to build a diverse group of student survivors from historically marginalized identities (such as people of color, LGBTQ+, indigenous/Native people, Immigrants, people with disabilities/neurodiversity, etc.) and/or institutions (such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, etc.). This is open to people across the United States + territories. We will select 25 students to participate. 

Participants should be able to attend two virtual meetings a month, on Thursday evenings (Eastern Standard Time – exact time TBA). It is estimated an additional 3-5 hours will be required each month outside of these meetings. Participants will need access to the internet and necessary technology for Zoom meetings and email/Slack communication. 


Applications for 2022-2023 coming soon!

How Can I Apply?

If you are a student survivor or victim of sexual violence, and especially if you come from or identify with a historically marginalized community, please sign up below on the waitlist and be the first to know when applications open!

To see the working draft syllabus for the 21-22 SSC program year, please check it out here

If you have any questions, please reach out to EROC Program Manager, Sarah McPherson, at [email protected].