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Finding Fulfillment At School And In Our Local Community

As the daughter, granddaughter, niece, and cousin of educators, I feel like I always knew my path would lead through the education community in some way.

Civic Nation: Delivering Impact In 2022

In 2022, Civic Nation continued our effort to combine on-the-ground grassroots organizing with large-scale culture and social change.

Pizza At The Polls: The Absurdity Of SB 202 First Hand

On Thursday, December 1, I went to the Ponce De Leon Library voting precinct in Atlanta to distribute pizza on behalf of Pizza to the Polls, a nonpartisan organization that delivers pizza to people participating in civic life.

How When We All Vote Shaped The Culture Of Our Democracy And Turned Out Voters In 2022

We don’t believe that voting is a one-time transaction — it’s a long term investment we make every single day, not every two or four years, in building the communities, cities, states and country where we can all thrive.

College Trip: Here’s What To Ask On A College Tour

We understand all of that, and really, the questions that feel overwhelming and exciting are actually one of the most empowering parts of the college application process. We know firsthand, so we co-authored this piece to share with you what we know firsthand.

Condemnation of the Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to The Supreme Court of the United States

Statement from Kenyora Parham, Executive Director of End Rape On Campus and Tracey Vitchers, Executive Director of It’s On Us: Last night, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the United States Supreme Court was filled by her polar opposite. To say we are enraged is an understatement. Justice Ginsburg was not only a feminist icon…
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Statement on the Passing of Justice Ginsburg and Call to Action to Protect Her Legacy

“Sex, like race, is a visible, immutable characteristic bearing no necessary relationship to ability. Sex, like race, has been made the basis for unjustified or at least unproved assumptions, concerning an individual’s potential to perform or to contribute to society… These distinctions have a common effect: They help keep a woman in her place, a…
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Statement from End Rape on Campus and It’s on Us on Weinstein, COVID-19, and Survivor Support

Dear Community, The health, wellness, and safety of survivors is our top priority. With the recent news of Harvey Weinstein’s 23-year conviction due the brave voices of the 24 #silencebreakers, in addition to many colleges and universities starting to initiate telework and conducting classes online, while asking students to leave campus due to the Coronavirus…
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Statement on Michigan State University’s Larry Nassar Abuse Fine.

Statement from Jess Davidson, Executive Director of End Rape on Campus: “Accountability and transparency are necessary for schools to protect students’ rights and support survivors. It’s essential that the seriousness of Michigan State University’s failures resulted in a historic financial penalty, and at the same time, I find this penalty insufficient compared to the harm…
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A letter to the EROC Community

It is with immense sadness that I am writing you today with the news that End Rape On Campus has continued to struggle to recover in the last months.  Unfortunately, EROC has found itself in the position that we cannot continue to employ even this smaller team, and as of Friday, January 31st, only Kenyora…
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