EROC Files Complaints Against Four Institutions, Testifies in Three States


Just a week after taking the Oscars stage with Lady Gaga and Vice President Biden, EROC had one of its most impactful weeks yet: we filed four federal Title IX complaints against universities across the country, testified before two state legislatures, served on 5 conference panels, and celebrated the passing of two pieces of legislation we helped draft — and most of this happened in just one day.

We are excited for the future, and hope you will join us as we move forward.

On Tuesday, March 8, EROC announced that four survivors filed Title IX and Clery complaints against four universities: American University, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Indiana University Bloomington, and Monmouth University. The pattern of administrative indifference towards these four young women, despite the vastly different universities, is shocking and merits immediate action. We are hopeful that the four universities will work to secure safe and supportive environments for students and student survivors.