Centering The Margins — Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer Communities


For many, college is a time for young students to gain independence and develop new perspectives and identities. For some within the queer community, college is the first place where they have an opportunity to be openly out without immediate fear of risking their safety and shelter. Despite college being a space of liberation for some, for other queer youth, schools can exacerbate their negative experiences and violence on campus. For LGBQ survivors of sexual assault, finding necessary and effective support is difficult.

There is an urgency to begin providing holistic and queer friendly prevention services for campus survivors of sexual violence. In order to provide effective support to queer students, school officials must offer LGBQ specific resources in addition to providing all staff and faculty administering services with training in cultural, social, and economic competency. The following information is to support LGBQ campus survivors.

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Prevalence Rates of LGBQ+ Students

Provided is educational information about sexual violence prevalence within the LGBQ communities.

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Resource List

List of organizations, websites, and groups that assist LGBQ students and survivors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that comes with filing complaints and explaining discrimination such as “What are the recent changes happening with LGBQ protections?” The following are more FAQs to assist in complaint filing.