The End Rape On Campus
Wellness Journal


This Wellness Journal was created
by survivors for survivors

As a part of the EROC Student Survivor Caucus Spring Action Plan, the Wellness Team worked together to create a journal they envisioned as supportive, grounding, and reflective. It is a resource meant to be deconstructed and customized by a survivor to best fit their unique and specific needs.


A reminder from the EROC SSC Wellness Team —
We want to recognize that the contents of this journal may bring up memories and emotions from your trauma experiences. Some of the activities may feel heavy to complete in one sitting, and that is okay. It is also okay to skip around the journal and work on the activities that feel manageable and helpful for you. Our needs as survivors change, and that includes what feels approachable for us. We hope that the pages you do utilize and adapt make you feel supported and seen in your journey. This work is never easy to do for yourself — and we want to acknowledge that.

Thank you for making the space to support yourself and to continue this tough work.