Tenaj Moody, MS, LBS

Tenaj Moody’s intersecting identities as an Afro-Latina millennial raised in North Philadelphia, who survived domestic violence, poverty and having a parent who was incarcerated growing up, quickly taught Tenaj the power in owning her story and resilience. Her accompanying personal testimonies rooted in these lived experiences, have fostered an unwavering commitment to shift the narrative around violence prevention education and advocacy. She is a Licensed Behavior Specialist and has her Masters in Criminal Justice with a certification in Applied Behavioral Analysis.Tenaj is an experienced Advocate, Educator and Speaker in domestic violence, sexual violence, criminal justice reform and mental health/self-care. 

Tenaj is the Founder of a for-profit domestic violence prevention consulting firm called Light to Life. In her previous work, Tenaj was a Program Director at a non-profit providing educational counseling, mentorship and reentry services to currently and formerly incarcerated people. Additionally, Tenaj has been a Victim Advocate working with victims of crime and specialized services for domestic violence and human trafficking survivors. She has 8 years of experience working with survivors of abuse, over 7 years of experience working with males and females with mental and behavioral issues and 3 years of experience working in prisons and jails. Tenaj has worked as an educator, counselor and behavioral specialist in residential facilities with at-risk youth, mental health facilities, non-profits, special education schools, high schools, and colleges. 

Tenaj’s lived experiences have been a catalyst for change and has pushed her forward to better understand how her struggles are her biggest motivators. Recently, Tenaj published a Best Selling book called, “Carry It With You”, now available on Amazon  for purchase. Click Here! “Carry It With You,” is a story about being rooted, and embracing your lived experiences as strengths to the person you’re growing to be. Tenaj hopes her story will encourage others to embrace their stories and carry their lived experiences with them and know your story is your superpower. To connect with Tenaj, feel free to check out her Author Website HERE. Check out her Podcast on Apple and Spotify, “The State of Blossoming” where stories & resources are shared with a focus on healing, reentry, criminal justice reform, trauma, relationships, domestic violence, motivation, mental health and much more! 

Read her second book, where she is the Co-Author of a Best Seller  Resilience Through Yoga and Meditation on Amazon.