Astrid Ferguson

Astrid Ferguson (she/her/hers) is a certified professional coach, energy leadership index master-practitioner, author, and podcaster. She specializes in helping people navigate through unclear transitions by abolishing internal blocks keeping them from creating a joyful life and career, so they can get back to having fun being authentically themselves. She firmly believes through many of her personal life testimonies, that joy is both the struggle and the answer to moving beyond our trauma, grievances, and ultimately, letting go of who we’re not. That is the mission behind her virtual course Choosing Joy After a Long Year of Grief. More of a reason– her top coaching value is helping her clients rediscover joy in order to surpass living in survival mode.

Astrid also holds a Business Information Systems bachelor’s degree, Masters in Business Administration and has more than fourteen plus corporate pharmaceutical years of experience. So she has first hand knowledge, navigating the corporate world as a Latinx woman of color. When she is not working she is playing referee with her two boys and talking art with her husband, Jerel Ferguson.

Astrid has moderated and held several panel discussions such as the many shades of sexual assault with End Rape on Campus, reframing negative self-talk, and cultivating difficult conversations involving diversity and inclusion. When she is not facilitating workshops or panel discussions, she infuses her poetry with the many intersectionalities trauma impacts long-term relationships, mental health, financial decisions, women, people of color, parenting styles, and the overall human identity.