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Pizza At The Polls: The Absurdity Of SB 202 First Hand

On Thursday, December 1, I went to the Ponce De Leon Library voting precinct in Atlanta to distribute pizza on behalf of Pizza to the Polls, a nonpartisan organization that delivers pizza to people participating in civic life.

How When We All Vote Shaped The Culture Of Our Democracy And Turned Out Voters In 2022

We don’t believe that voting is a one-time transaction — it’s a long term investment we make every single day, not every two or four years, in building the communities, cities, states and country where we can all thrive.

College Trip: Here’s What To Ask On A College Tour

We understand all of that, and really, the questions that feel overwhelming and exciting are actually one of the most empowering parts of the college application process. We know firsthand, so we co-authored this piece to share with you what we know firsthand.

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