Centering The Margins — Undocumented + International Student Survivors


Non US citizen survivors of sexual violence confront two challenges — first, the trauma of the sexual violence they experienced, and second, the legal difficulties that arise from their citizenship status. When non-citizens are survivors of sexual violence committed while living in a foreign country, they may feel that they are not guaranteed protection because they are not a US citizen. This is false. Title IX covers all students, regardless of immigration status and Title VI covers all students of color regardless of national origin.

In some instances, non-citizens may jeopardize much more than their education if they decide to report their assault due to their citizenship status. Undocumented students face additional challenges because their citizenship status puts them in a particularly vulnerable position of being removed from the US and subjected to more violence in detention centers. International students may not know their rights under Title IX and could be taken advantage of by their school for their lack of knowledge.  Immigration status complicates a survivor’s access to resources and could jeopardize their education. The following is information for survivors who do not have US citizenship. For more resources about immigration, sexual violence, and legal information, please visit here.

Showcase 1

General Information

Provides general information for international and undocumented students about visas, requirements, and who to the appropriate staff member is to report to for international students.

Showcase 2

Resource List

List of organizations, websites, and groups that assist undocumented and international students.

Showcase 3

The Laws

Provides information on different federal laws to assist undocumented and international student survivors continue their education and be protected from deportation.