Centering The Margins — Survivors of Color


People of color are often traumatized on a daily basis when facing systemic and institutionalized racism and discrimination. Black folks and people of color are vulnerable to mental health illnesses such as anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and depression due to the intergenerational trauma of chattel slavery, colonization, genocide, and overall socioeconomic inequality and political oppression. Sexual assault can perpetuate emotional trauma and revictimization (the act of re-living or undergoing additional trauma).

Historically, rape and sexual abuse have been used to dominate different cultures, races, and groups of people. Today, rape is still used as a tool of social control, physical domination, and power. Experiencing campus sexual assault creates additional obstacles for many survivors of color such as difficulties in accessing culturally competent resources and support. The following are resources and general information for survivors of color.

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Prevalence Rates of Survivors of Color

Provided is educational information about sexual violence prevalence within communities of color.

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Resource List

List of organizations, websites, and groups that assist students and survivors of color.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that comes with filing complaints and explaining discrimination such as “What are my on campus reporting options if I’m a student of color?” The following are more FAQs to assist in complaint filing.