Centering The Margins — Male Survivors


Male survivors often face disbelief and outright dismissal of their reports of sexual violence, because we live in a culture where many believe that “men cannot be raped.” Often responders discourage male survivors from reporting and discount their experiences. Due to these extra barriers, male survivors are also less likely to report sexual violence  limiting their opportunities to receive resources to continue their education. As service providers progress to offer specialized services to vulnerable communities, it is important that advocates and activists acknowledge sexual violence against men as well. The following information are educational resources for male survivors to learn about their rights on campus.

Showcase 1

Prevalence Rates of Male Survivors

Provides background information about the prevalence of sexual violence against male students and survivors.

Showcase 2

Resource List

List of organizations, websites, and groups that assist students.

Showcase 3

The Laws

Further explains how Title IX protects all students from sexual violence, regardless of sex.