Statement on The Support of Uber’s Release of Safety Report


Statement from Kenyora Parham, Executive Director:

Thank you, Uber, for demonstrating what accountability and transparency look like. With the release of their Safety Report, Uber highlights how responsible data is critical to improving the safety of its riders and drivers. As an organization deeply committed to ending sexual violence on college campuses, End Rape On Campus (EROC) understands the importance of what this report means for student survivors, who depend on this ride-sharing technology. By sharing their numbers, which are alarming, their transparency is exemplary and the action they are taking is the critical first step in highlighting how accountability can result in transformative action. 

EROC works to improve the experiences and access to justice for survivors of gender-based violence on college campuses by demystifying sexual violence and survivor experiences and shedding light on the unique roles that emerging gig economy companies—like Uber—can do to raise awareness around the issue and discuss how working together we can magnify our impact. Uber made a bold statement by releasing its data publicly. It’s living up to its end of the bargain and making a bold step towards how things can be and should be done.  Lyft, Via, Curb, Airbnb, zTrip, Gett, Homestay, and ALL colleges and universities, where’s your data?