Statement on The One Year Anniversary of #MeToo Movement


From Jess Davidson, Interim Executive Director of End Rape on Campus:

“One year ago, the #MeToo movement grabbed the nation’s attention and placed sexual assault at the center of our public discourse. Thousands of survivors and allies forced a reckoning of the pervasiveness of sexual violence and the disruptive forces of rape culture that have permeated all aspects of American life.

“We are grateful for and inspired by the advocates and survivors who have bared their scars to prove they were bleeding and instigate the painful culture change we are undergoing.

“Our work as a movement continues to address rape culture not just in our workplaces, but also on campuses and in our schools and beyond, starting with ensuring that Title IX allows survivors an equal access to their education. We will forge on to build a society that believes and supports survivors, encourages reporting of sexual violence, condemns assault, harassment, and the rape culture that enables them, and values the humanity of men and women equally.”