Statement on The New York Times Reports on Proposed Title IX Guidance


WASHINGTON— In response to the New York Times reports on Betsy DeVos’ re-written sexual misconduct guidance for colleges, Jess Davidson, Executive Director of End Rape on Campus, said:

“While we await the proposed rule from the Department of Education, today’s report in the New York Times is deeply concerning. To require that assaults take place on campus in order to be investigated will shut out thousands of survivors who are assaulted off-campus. To allow campuses to determine their own standard of evidence and whether or not to provide an appeals process is willfully ignorant, and will go back to a time when rape on campus was swept under the rug. To let survivors be cross-examined by a person who has violated them is downright cruel.

“The rule as described in this article is a tacit endorsement of making campuses a safer place to commit sexual assault, rather than a safer place to learn free from violence.

“If the New York Time’s report is correct, Secretary Betsy DeVos is making plain that she is turning her back on survivors and their rights to have equal access to education after experiencing assault, and kowtowing to colleges and universities worried more about their own liability than the safety of students on their campuses.

“We call on survivors, advocates and our partners to make their voices heard once the comment period opens, and explain to the Department of Education how damaging this new proposed rule would be and how it would leave survivors out in the cold.”