Statement on The Administration’s Dangerous Plan to Rescind Obama-era School Discipline Policies


In response to a New York Times article detailing efforts within the Trump administration to rescind Obama-era rules aimed at ensuring that students of color are not unfairly disciplined, End Rape on Campus Executive Director Jess Davidson issued the following statement:

“We have seen time and time again that the Trump administration and Secretary DeVos will not keep students and survivors safe. Rescinding policies that promote equity and safety in classrooms by ensuring young students of color are not unfairly disciplined is an act of violence against communities of color. It’s clear this is yet another attack on civil rights and survivor rights.

“Rescinding these rules will not protect students. Rescinding these rules will put students, including student survivors of sexual assault – and disproportionately put young black and brown girls – in danger. Young students of color already face harmful and racist policing and punishment in schools. Amid a myriad of evidence that proves students of color face tougher punishment and higher suspension rates for the same or lesser offenses than their white counterparts, the Trump administration is, once again, choosing to ignore the evidence and make the problem worse.

“The Department of Education is supposed to help students achieve education, not push them out of it. We call on the humanity of young students and survivors of color to be valued and recognized. We will not be silent. We will continue to fight for equity and safety.”