Statement from End Rape on Campus and It’s on Us on Weinstein, COVID-19, and Survivor Support


Dear Community,

The health, wellness, and safety of survivors is our top priority. With the recent news of Harvey Weinstein’s 23-year conviction due the brave voices of the 24 #silencebreakers, in addition to many colleges and universities starting to initiate telework and conducting classes online, while asking students to leave campus due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to make sure that survivors and their communities were provided with the utmost support. 

While the Weinstein case may bring hope and healing for many of those involved, we know that there are many voices that haven’t been heard and are still silenced or erased. We hope that for many of you, you know that your experience is valid and you are not alone. 

Specifically with the uncertainty of the Coronavirus, while we closely monitor its status through the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and engage in it’s necessary precaution guidance, we know that these changes at your school may cause further delay in current investigations or reporting that may be going on. This may further exacerbate feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety. We want you to know that your experience is valid and you are not alone. 

We encourage you to follow the protocols outlined by your college/university, local government office, and the Center for Disease Control. Most importantly, we encourage you to be mindful of your health and others, embrace the healthy habits that serve as a shared responsibility amongst us all. We will advise if there is any impact on our ability to support you now or in the future. 

In Solidarity,

End Rape On Campus & It’s On Us