Our Commitment to Survivors is at the Core of the Work We Do and We Are Not Going to Hold Back and Let Misfortune Get the Best of Us.


Statement from Kenyora Parham, End Rape on Campus’s New Executive Director:

Dear EROC Community: A couple of weeks ago you received an email from us with news that may not have felt great. It didn’t feel good for us either. Our commitment to survivors is at the core of the work we do and we were not going to hold back and let misfortune get the best of us. We see you. We hear you. We believe you.

First, let me offer you the most important update: EROC is committed, but we need your support.

Second, as the new Executive Director of End Rape On Campus, I want to formally introduce myself. Prior to this appointment, I served as the Chief of Staff of this resilient organization. Over the years, my career trajectory has nicely woven together to produce a quilt of skills and insights that I am ready to bring forward as EROC’s new leader. As a person who proudly navigates in her own truth with the courage to love and empower others, I hope to do the same for you — no matter what your truth is in this complex, intersectional space.

Third, it is important for me to share that EROC is undergoing an organizational restructuring that is intended to recenter us around our mission and ensure we can sustainably pursue it — until the day each individual has an educational experience free from violence. 

While we navigate changes that are painful and hard, we are committed to taking steps to be transformative both immediately and in the long term. With this said, we need your support now more than ever. You — our supporters— have helped us become the resilient, bold, and gutsy organization we are. We hope you will support us so we can continue to walk forward together.


Kenyora Parham, MSW
Executive Director