Demanding a Full Investigation of Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination Process and History of Sexual Violence


“It has been one year since we stood our ground outside the Supreme Court of the United States begging our democratic institutions to believe survivors. Millions took action, and tens of thousands of us joined in-person to make our voices heard. I shared my story as a survivor hoping that my government would see me and hear the voices around me. We sat through his hearings. We heard his lies. We called for a full FBI Senate investigation of Kavanaugh and watched in disbelief as the process disintegrated. Unquestionably, our government failed survivors.

But survivors haven’t backed down. Kavanaugh’s sham confirmation is unfinished business. This weekend, a New York Times op-ed revealed that their own investigation corroborated what we already knew: The FBI and the Senate Judiciary Committee knowingly failed to complete a full and thorough investigation of the allegations against Kavanaugh. Two New York Times reporters corroborated that Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez were telling the truth and confirmed the dismally small extent of the investigation into the matter. Kavanaugh is unfit to lead, refuses to take accountability, and repeatedly lied under oath. He and his enablers must be thoroughly investigated, for the first time. The FBI had full knowledge of Kavanaugh’s dangerous behavior, yet failed to interview those who witnessed it, failing the people of this country and survivors.

Our resistance and our resilience are unwavering. We’re calling on a full and thorough Congressional investigation into the sham nomination and investigation process that pushed Kavanaugh’s nomination—including the FBI’s failure to interview corroborating witnesses and Kavanaugh’s full history of sexual violence. We believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and we believe Ms. Deborah Ramirez. Survivors and survivor allies will reclaim the court on October 6, the one-year anniversary of Kavanaugh’s confirmation. We haven’t forgotten who the Supreme Court really belongs to—the people.”

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