End Rape on Campus and Platform Applaud Efforts to Dismantle Rape Culture and Support Survivors by Senator Booker and Representative Watson Coleman


Too often, the conversation around sexual violence excludes the communities it affects the most. It’s essential Congress ensures policy reflects the lived experiences of their constituents. This resolution ensures that the stories and experiences of survivors facing systemic barriers are heard and specifically recognizes the impact of sexual and gender-based violence on immigrant survivors, survivors who are incarcerated, survivors with disabilities, survivors of color, American Indian or Alaska Native survivors, survivors of child sexual abuse, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex survivors.

This resolution is a commitment to holistic solutions in the fight against sexual violence. It makes clear that survivors’ experiences are connected to systemic barriers and those oppressive barriers need to be dismantled in order to support survivors. This resolution demands lawmakers legislate for all constituents in the ways they need, not in a one-size-fits-all approach.

“Platform applauds Congresswoman Watson Coleman and Senator Booker’s dedication to all survivors with the introduction of this resolution. It is time legislation about sexual and gender-based violence explicitly state, serve, and protect all survivors, not just some,” said Jenna Milliner-Waddell, Platform’s Communications Director. “Our community is raising their voices and calling for change that accounts for the realities they experience. This resolution powerfully acknowledges their voices and takes a critical step forward in a national conversation around sexual violence that highlights the systemic barriers to care and rehabilitation that survivors in underserved communities face.” 

“With their support of this resolution, U.S. Representative Watson Coleman and Senator Booker join our resistance. It is clear that this administration has zero interest in protecting survivors’ rights nor the life or liberty of folks with disabilities, immigrants, communities of color, Native survivors, or LGBTQ communities—and yet, our stories of resilience continue to permeate this darkness,” shares B. Ever Hanna, EROC Campus Policy Manager. “This is not the first time survivors have successfully demanded change, and will not be the last. With the partnership of leaders like Representative Watson Coleman and Senator Booker, it’s clear that our movement and our stories will be shaping a safer, brighter future.”


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