Category: Advocacy

Reproductive Health Care and the Medical Device Industry

Essure has been marketed by the medical device industry as a form of permanent contraception, a method intended to bring about sterilization in the female reproductive system. Essure was appealing because it did not require surgery; health care providers would insert coils through the vagina and the cervix, into the fallopian tubes. The device would generate…
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History Continues to Shape Black Survivors’ Realities

It’s Black History Month, a time for Americans to celebrate Black Americans’ contributions to mainstream society and reflect on the country’s history to learn from the past and progress as a society. In the advocacy field, we must also learn how the history of racism, sexism, and heterosexism affects a vulnerable, and disproportionately large, group…
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End Rape On Campus Joins the March for Black Women

End Rape On Campus is proud to join in solidarity with the organizations leading the March for Black Women. As an anti-violence organization, we know that in order to address sexual assault and interpersonal violence, we must also actively engage in anti-racism work on a daily basis. To that end, EROC will join March for Black…
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