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Washington, DC

End Rape on Campus (EROC) is a survivor advocacy organization dedicated to ending sexual violence through survivor support, public education, and policy and legislative reform.

We provide free, direct assistance to all survivors of gender-based and sexual violence on campus interested in filing federal complaints, organizing for change, or drawing public attention to hold their schools accountable.

We have assisted hundreds of students at dozens of schools file Title IXClery Act, and other civil rights complaints to seek justice and reform.

End Rape on Campus Statement: Eradicating Sexual Violence is a Bipartisan Issue


Press release

End Rape on Campus Statement: Eradicating Sexual Violence is a Bipartisan Issue

End Rape On Campus

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 17, 2017


WASHINGTON, DC - End Rape on Campus (EROC) is committed to championing the rights of survivors and denouncing sexual violence independent of party affiliation or celebrity status. After recent allegations of sexual assault and harassment against U.S. Senator Al Franken, Roy Moore, and other visible members of society on both sides of the aisle, EROC public re-affirms our belief that sexual violence is a bipartisan issue.

EROC’s Managing Director Jess Davidson issued the following statement:

“EROC denounces any act of sexual violence independent of party affiliation, including the allegations against U.S. Sen. Al Franken, Roy Moore, and other accused assailants on both sides of the aisle.

“We condemn rape culture and any attempt at normalizing unwelcome sexual advances in all spaces, which include the workplace and college campuses. Thanks to strengthened protections for survivors of sexual violence, and thanks to survivors who are willing to share their stories in hopes of creating a better world the epidemic of sexual assault gains more attention from the general public every day. The flood of stories and political activity over the past few months and weeks have reminded us that sexual violence is an issue that impacts each and every corner of our society. Anyone can be assaulted — and anyone can commit sexual assault.

“End Rape on Campus will continue to call out unacceptable actions by political figures, both those who commit sexual assault, and those who make society less safe for survivors. We must treat this as a societal ill and epidemic, acknowledging that perpetrators come from all political parties. All perpetrators must be held accountable, and no survivor should be silenced, no matter how powerful a perpetrator of sexual violence may be.

“All survivors who come forward deserve justice. We demand due diligence and seriousness at all levels of investigation, for all allegations of sexual violence. EROC is committed to treating the eradication of sexual violence as the bipartisan issue that it is. We all have a stake in a safer world.”

For media requests, contact Catalina Velasquez, Communications Director at 202-618-1317 or 

For more information on EROC’s fight against sexual violence, visit us at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter @EndRapeOnCampus


End Rape on Campus (EROC) works to end campus sexual violence through direct support for survivors and their communities; prevention through education; and policy reform at the campus, local, state, and federal levels.