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Washington, DC

End Rape on Campus (EROC) is a survivor advocacy organization dedicated to ending sexual violence through survivor support, public education, and policy and legislative reform.

We provide free, direct assistance to all survivors of gender-based and sexual violence on campus interested in filing federal complaints, organizing for change, or drawing public attention to hold their schools accountable.

We have assisted hundreds of students at dozens of schools file Title IXClery Act, and other civil rights complaints to seek justice and reform.

EROC in the News

EROC in the News

EROC staff members are frequent contributors to major news outlets and are available for comment on issues related to campus sexual assault. Below you will find our most up to date media coverage, including quotes, comments, EROC references, and articles penned by our staff.

The articles below are updated weekly and are organized by most recent.

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Rewire—Campus Sexual Assault Rules in Crosshairs of Trump's Education Task Force
"I think that it's very unfortunate that folks who are going to be in charge—Falwell and potentially Betsy DeVos—are thinking about rolling back the progress that we've made over the past two years, but I don't think that changes the fact that schools have the responsibility under Title IX to treat all students equally and to ensure their safe and equitable access to education." -- Annie Clark—Social media campaign #DearBetsy takes on Trump Education nominee Betsy DeVos
ESPN W—Incoming Trump administration heightens anxiety about reversal in Title IX progress
"It's hard because we feel like we have to provide an education on this issue. And we really don't know what she knows about this issue." -- Sofie Karasek
JW Magazine—Do you Know Your IX? Betsy DeVos Clearly Doesn’t
BuzzFeed—People Are Telling Trump’s Education Nominee To Protect Rape Survivors
"The goal is for her to commit during her hearing to upholding these really important provisions for students. We wouldn't want to make this issue even more complex for schools to deal with and even more painful for survivors to go through." -- Sofie Karasek
Teen Vogue—This Campaign Wants Donald Trump to Take Sexual Assault More Seriously
Inside Higher Ed— Hashtag Campaign to Urge Protection of Title IX
The Huffington Post—#DearBetsy Campaign Implores Donald Trump’s Education Pick To Protect Campus Rape Rules
ATTN:—Sexual Assault Survivors Are Urging the Trump Administration Not to Gut Title IX
"We really wanted to start a broad based campaign to educate the public about why Title IX is important, and also to ensure that Betsy DeVos, the education nominee, commits during her hearing to protecting and enforcing Title IX. We wanted to create to coalition of people demanding that she uphold these important protections and be committed to this issue." -- Sofie Karasek
Mic—#DearBetsy is a heartfelt campaign asking Trump's education secretary to protect Title IX
"It shouldn't be on the back of survivors to create a world free from sexual violence. It should be up to all of us to ensure that kind of environment exists. We know that when we have these systems of violence and we have these systems of injustice, that's oppressive for all of us." -- Colleen Daly
Revelist—Here's how young women are continuing the fight against campus rape in the Trump administration
"A lot of people still think Title IX pertains only to athletics, so it's important for us to remind folks that this right to an educational experience free from sexual harassment and sexual violence is guaranteed." -- Sofie Karasek
Campus Safety Magazine—‘Dear Betsy’ Campaign Urges Dept. of Ed Nominee to Uphold Title IX
Detroit Metro Times—Activist groups ask Betsy DeVos to support Title IX in 'Dear Betsy' campaign
The News & Observer—Activists ask Trump nominee to uphold sexual assault guidelines
"We want to plant the seed for her to think about these issues and to be affirming and supportive of enforcement of Title IX." -- Colleen Daly
Teen Vogue—Activist and Sexual Assault Survivor Mahroh Jahangiri Wants Betsy DeVos to Know Why Title IX is So Important
College Town—#DearBetsy: UNC alums start anti-sexual assault campaign
WOSU—Activists Fear Reversal Of Strict Rules On Campus Sexual Assault
USA Today—Rep. Meadows targets campus rape rule as unfair to 'often-innocent accused'
"There is a huge amount of evidence that campus sexual assault is a problem. The number of false rape accusations is between 2% and 8% — on par with the rate of false accusations for other crimes." -- Sofie Karasek
Broadly—College Football Team Ends Its Protest Over Sexual Assault Suspensions
"If the first time students are hearing about consent and healthy relationships and sexual assault prevention is at their college orientation, it's already too late." -- Annie Clark
North State Journal—New rape claim surfaces at UNC Chapel Hill
"It doesn’t matter what happened. What matters is the school is obligated to certain things under Title IX, so whether someone exposed themselves to you or you were raped, it doesn’t matter. The school has an obligation, and we will help them hold that school accountable." -- Anna Voremberg
Dallas News—What if college athletes rose up in support of women's campus safety?
"If you were to ask an individual if this type of behavior is acceptable, they would say, 'Absolutely not.' But when they see 120 of their brothers, their teammates, standing behind it, they're going to say yes. We need more people to step out of that and do the right thing." -- Annie Clark
Inside Higher Ed—Defining Rape Culture
"The definition needs to be there. It helps to have parameters for the conversation you’re having on campus, so defining rape culture is important." -- Anna Voremberg
Minnesota Public Radio—Myriad options, pressures can silence sex assault victims
"People are saying 'Keep quiet' or 'What about him?' if the assailant is a man. "So oftentimes, by the time they've even gone through the possibility of seeking justice through a formal process, often times they have been re-traumatized again." -- Anna Voremberg
The Cluster—Mercer under investigation for possible violations of Title IX
The Daily Tar Heel—In sexual assault cases, athletic fame shifts public opinion
“The student body has such an affinity for their athletes, for their teams, that they’re more willing to stand with the perpetrator than the survivor,” Daly said. “And that’s also unacceptable.”
USA Today College—'Never sell yourself short:' Advice for the next generation of female leaders
“If a friend of yours is assaulted or if you experience sexual violence in some way, and statistically speaking several of you have experienced that, what I want to say first is I believe you… Again, the assault is never your fault… and you’re never alone.”
Bustle—9 Resources For Sexual Assault Survivors You Should Know About
The New York Times—Trust Me, Trigger Warnings Are Helpful
"When professors give these warnings, provide alternative readings and facilitate respectful conversations about deeply personal issues, it is easier for all students to participate."
NBC News—What Advocates Are Doing to End Sexual Assault on Campus
"A lot of times, the focus is on one incident of stopping and saying something around that one act, and it doesn't do much to combat rape culture."
Business Insider—Experts are poking holes in Stanford's new ban on hard alcohol
"The policy scapegoats alcohol, misplacing culpability from perpetrators to the tool they use to carry out assault," Colleen Daly, the director of communications at the advocacy organization End Rape on Campus, told Business Insider. "This policy is both misguided and ineffective as it perpetuates the myth that alcohol, rather than rapists, causes rape."
The New York Times—After Ailes and Cosby, a Moment for More Women to Speak Up
The Chicago Tribune—Parents of teenagers encouraged to attend film screening on campus sexual assault
Inside Higher Ed—Alcohol Bans and Sexual Assault
"Schools definitely have a responsibility to prepare students for safe drinking habits. That’s important. But putting such policies in the context of preventing sexual assault misses the mark. Alcohol doesn’t cause rape. It’s a weapon used by rapists to rape women."
ESPN W—Is any school properly managing sexual assault on campus?
"I think a lot of money is going to prevention, which is justified because prevention is very necessary," Pino said. "Unfortunately, we're not putting even a quarter of the money that we put into anti-violence campaigns as well as other bystander programs into actual holistic support for survivors."
The Connection—Burke and Springfield: McAuliffe Signs High School Curriculum Bill Into Law
Wired—At the White House’s United State of Women Summit, A Call for More
Washington D.C. Patch—Putting Those Campus Rape Statistics in Context
“Wealthy white perpetrators often have access to resources so that they can, in the campus process, have the proceedings drawn out for a long time, and use every possible loophole that they can to prolong it until after the perpetrator graduates," Karasek said. "That’s one of the most common things that we see with perpetrators that have access to those resources.”
The Christian Science Monitor— Outcry over Stanford case hints at shift in rape culture
"It’s not an anomaly that she was treated this way,” says Sofie Karasek, co-founder of End Rape on Campus. Campus administrators and people in the criminal justice system do seem to often have the attitude of “well, he can’t control himself, boys will be boys, this is part of the culture"
ABC Nightline—Sex Assault Sentence for Former Stanford Swimmer Sparks Outrage—Advocates decry ‘victim blaming’ in Worcester college rape lawsuit
“Assuming it is incumbent on the survivor of sexual violence to prevent a crime from occurring to her perpetuates an idea that is damaging for everyone in society, particularly victims,” she said. “And it’s very damaging if it’s coming from an institution."
The Star Tribune—University of Michigan stalled on providing sex assault data
"There's little incentive for a university to get to a speedy resolution."
US 99—Weekend Journal: Inspiring Women Through the Story of Marlene Dietrich and Survivors of Sexual Assault
"What we see,” Pino explains, “is that there’s more of a deterrence for coming forward than there is for actually committing the crime.”
SFist—Former Stanford Swimmer Sentenced To 6 Months In Campus Rape Of Unconscious Woman
"Unfortunately there’s a culture of sexual assault that exists in both of these spheres... There’s often a level of impunity given to both of these organizations."
Women's E-News—Sex Harassment and Teens: Title IX Moving Into High Schools
"Protest leaders received support from the nonprofit advocacy organization End Rape on Campus."
The Huffington Post—Advocates Livid That Donald Trump Said China Is Going To ‘Rape’ America
“Using the word ‘rape’ to describe anything other than sexual violence trivializes the experience of survivors,” added Colleen Daly, a spokeswoman for the group End Rape on Campus. “The statement perpetuates our cultural indifference to rape and desensitizes us to all forms of sexual violence.”
Newsweek—Internet Shaming Could Change How Colleges Handle Sexual Assault
“We as survivors have turned towards social media to not only learn from each other but also teach each other the different strategies around what is effective in organizing on campus.”
The Huffington Post—Sexual Assault on Campus: We Believe You
"In the words of Clark and Pino: “Believing survivors is a type of radical everyday activism, since we live in a society that suggests that you do completely the opposite.”"
The Antelope—Shatter the Silence
"“You should never feel ashamed to speak out and ask for help,” said Clark to the audience, explaining the importance of taking action against sexual assault."
NPR WBFO 88.7—Gillibrand credits campus sexual assault survivors for shining light
"“This group of survivors and advocates have been so successful in bringing attention to this issue that everyone from colleges and universities to government officials to businesses and non for-profits, parents and their children, are now thinking about ‘How do we fight campus sexual violence?,'” Gillibrand said."
KOLO 8—Bipartisan group of senators making another push to pass campus sexual assault bill
"[CASA] is not a silver bullet, but it is an amazing first step,” said Clark."
KIOW 107.3—Ernst and Grassley Support Sexual Assault Awareness Month Highlighted by Accountability Bill
AMI Newswire—Senators seek law to boost college sexual assault reporting
"What we are trying to do is flip the incentives," said Annie Clark, co-founder and director of End Rape on Campus, who was assaulted while a student at the University of North Carolina. "This is happening on every campus,” she added. “Sexual violence is not a partisan issue."
Amy Poehler's Smart Girls—Sexual Assault Activist Annie Clark on How All Smart Girls Can Change the Dialogue in our Culture
“There are things everyday that everyone can do, whether you’re a teacher in a classroom or raising a son or calling out a rape joke that one of your friends makes at a party,” Clark points out. “This idea of everyday activism… you are more powerful than you think you are.”
Observer—A Conversation With The Hunting Ground’s Kirby Dick
"I know that Sofie Karasek, who’s in our film and now with End Rape On Campus, said the first time she went around a fraternity—she was kind of teaching fraternities about this bill—there was a real negative reaction to it. But when she went around the following semester, things had really changed. Even fraternity members were saying, “We’re welcoming this.”"
The Daily Nebraskan—End Rape on Campus march to raise sexual assault awareness
“We hope survivors will know that their peers care, and want to prevent this from happening to anyone,” Deeds said. “It is never survivors’ fault. We believe them, and there are resources available on campus and beyond.”—Yes, Kasich actually is leading on tackling campus rape
"If he were a leader, he wouldn’t be assuming that victims who drink alcohol could be assaulted," Pino said."
Public News Service—"Unsafe Time in NC" – Sexual Assault Survivor on HB 2 Impact
"There are often these institutions within the institution, whether they're fraternities or athletic programs," says Pino. "There's power. There's power in these organizations, there's power in these individuals that run these organizations, and in many ways they're untouchable. They're oftentimes see as being more valuable to the organization than an everyday student that might have been assaulted."
The Collegian—Students file lawsuits against K-State for alleged lack of rape investigations
"The hashtag #KStateInvestigate was started Wednesday by the group End Rape on Campus in support of Weckhorst and Farmer."
Mic—Sexual Assault Survivors Are Outing Their Rapists on the Anonymous Corners of the Internet
"It's not a new phenomenon. The forum has just changed," Clark said in a phone interview, referring to how college students have historically outed rapists. "People have been writing rape lists since the '80s and '90s, passing out fliers, writing names on doors. It's just now you're behind a computer screen, and not a bathroom stall."
The Brown Daily Herald—Sexual assault survivor, alum tells story in new book
“It’s about time that survivors are portrayed as people and not just as stories and not just as figures,” Pino said.
NPR Michigan Radio—Michigan senators join effort to improve sexual assault prevention on campuses
"Campus sexual assault is preventable; Title IX violations are preventable," she said. "We know that these violations are preventable, but unfortunately schools are reticent and are dragging their feet in making Title IX a priority on their campuses."
Cosmopolitan—What You Can Do to Support a Survivor of Sexual Assault
"We know that if we're talking about this [for the first time] in college, we're way too late. But we were really pretty intentional about having this just be an entry point for a larger conversation, culturally and legally."
Variety—‘The Hunting Ground’ Subjects Talk New Book, Oscar Loss and the Netflix Factor
"We can’t see women in powerful roles. We can’t acknowledge the violence that is deep in all of our culture."
Daily Camera—In CU visit, Joe Biden delivers forceful plea to end campus sexual assault
"Honestly, over the past few years, I've probably told this story more than 200 times," she said. "I've done this because despite everything I love, my university and I want it to change. But also because I know that my story is way too similar to those of thousands of other survivors across the United States."
Flare—Activists’ New Book Humanizes Sexual Assault Victims
"We wanted survivors to be able to tell their stories without a media filter and to have them seen as whole people—to not have this definitive moment in time be the only thing the world knows about survivors."
DCist—More Than 75,000 People Sign Petition To Change Sexual Assault Policy At AU
“In reality, what we’re looking for is a culture change on campus within the administration and in the entire AU community, that we believe survivors as our first instinct and that we take them seriously when they say something has gone wrong.”
Glamour—What We Still Get Wrong About College Sexual Assault: "We Don't Believe That It Could Happen to Someone We Know"
"The title of our book is absolutely radical," Clark, who is now 26, tells Glamour. "We live in a culture that suggests people do the opposite. Sexual assault is the only crime where the victim is questioned—and repeatedly. To offer the notion of belief is an example of everyday activism."
Cosmopolitan—What No One Understands About Campus Rape
"We've noticed, even with our own stories, that the media often leaves out the messy details, as if pining for a "perfect survivor" narrative, something that we have come to learn does not exist."
USA Today—Women put names and faces on Title IX filings
"More people are coming forward now because they realize they’re not alone,” says Anna Voremberg, managing director of End Rape on Campus, a non-profit that works to end campus sexual violence. “They see how pervasive sexual assault is — and that they have rights.”
WTOP—‘Yes means yes’ sexual assault bill dies; campus officials and activists debate next step
"With affirmative consent … nothing is changing in both parties needing consent,” Daly said, “It just changes the burden from a negative — ‘I said no’ — to a positive — ‘I said yes.’"
The Huffington Post—These Survivors Refuse To Let Their Sexual Assaults Define Them
“It’s not about being on an Oscar stage, it’s not about being on these big platforms — it’s about the everyday things people can do to chip away at rape culture.”

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Federal Complaints

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2016 Oscars Performance

"Bay Area Sex Assault Survivors Stand with Lady Gaga at Oscars" ABC 7 News

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"We Believe You"

"'We Believe You" Book Launch at Sixth and I with Senator Gillibrand, Annie Clark, and Andrea Pino" Sixth and I Stream

"Activists’ New Book Humanizes Sexual Assault Victims" Flare

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Culture Change

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Activism & Current Issues

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