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End Rape on Campus (EROC) is a survivor advocacy organization dedicated to ending sexual violence through survivor support, public education, and policy and legislative reform.

We provide free, direct assistance to all survivors of gender-based and sexual violence on campus interested in filing federal complaints, organizing for change, or drawing public attention to hold their schools accountable.

We have assisted hundreds of students at dozens of schools file Title IXClery Act, and other civil rights complaints to seek justice and reform.


The Deliberate Mishandling of Title IX at Knox College: In Solidarity

End Rape On Campus

On Tuesday, an anonymous article was published on Buzzfeed concerning the deliberate mishandling of Title IX cases at Knox College. The article describes the school's "troubled history" of failing to address sexual violence or uphold Title IX protections. 

The article describes the egregious mistreatment of survivors of sexual assault including embedded victim-blaming in the grievance process, the dissemination of erroneous information to survivors, and preferential treatment given to perpetrators in the adjudication process. The school's hostility towards survivors has been "The Knox System," and the author intends to "face it head on."

The article finishes with a powerful statement:

Speaking as a student, this school did not provide the college experience I and so many other students wanted when we enrolled at Knox, confident in our decision to pursue education here. We have been deeply hurt, first by our assaulters and harassers, and then by the very school authorities meant to protect us. We have come together in campaigns, protests, petitions, speak-outs, and now this article, to demand more. I wholeheartedly promise you that the student outcry will not relent until these problems are rectified.

As stated in the article, schools must go beyond compliance to  foster a safe campus environment for all students and support survivors of sexual assault.  Survivors must be involved in the process of developing policies that speak to their experiences, lest schools continue to uphold policies that ignore the realities of sexual violence and place the onus on students to prevent their own assault.

As evidenced on their site, Knox college's policies and advice are to tell women how to prevent their rape (i.e.-see rape whistle program below where you can get in trouble for "falsely" blowing a whistle).

Instead of blaming survivors, we should be supporting them, and holding their perpetrators accountable. #dobetterknox

We stand in solidarity with the survivors at Knox College. We believe you. You are not alone.