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End Rape on Campus (EROC) is a survivor advocacy organization dedicated to ending sexual violence through survivor support, public education, and policy and legislative reform.

We provide free, direct assistance to all survivors of gender-based and sexual violence on campus interested in filing federal complaints, organizing for change, or drawing public attention to hold their schools accountable.

We have assisted hundreds of students at dozens of schools file Title IXClery Act, and other civil rights complaints to seek justice and reform.


Action NOW: Stand With Yale Survivors

Stand with KSU Survivors. Demand KSU Investigate Fraternity Sexual Assault. #KStateInvestigate

New York Times: 
Adele P. Kimmel, a lawyer with the public interest law group Public Justice, said the university’s decision not to investigate complaints of rape at off-campus fraternity houses appeared to directly contravene the Department of Education guidance and also sent a poor message to those off-campus fraternities. “It’s basically saying to fraternities, ‘Just make sure you commit rape at the fraternities and not on campus,’ ” Ms. Kimmel said.

A Yale alumna, Fernanda López Aguilar, has filed a federal Clery Act complaint, with the assistance of End Rape on Campus, against Yale University for mishandling sexual harassment. She has also filed Title IX and Title VI complaints to the United States Department of Education Office for Civil Rights. Fernanda alleges indifference from Yale University with regards to ongoing misconduct against a professor, as well as pressure from the University to sign nondisclosure agreements. 

We stand with Fernanda and all survivors of sexual assault.

Buzzfeed: Ethics and the Eye of the Beholder

"In his writing, [the professor] argues that the power imbalance between rich countries and poor countries is so great that poor countries cannot reasonably be said to “consent” to unfavorable agreements between them.

Lopez Aguilar’s civil rights complaint uses his words against him, saying he does not apply the same concerns “to the relationships he maintains with his female students.” By filing that claim, she explained in a recent conversation, she hopes to regain her own sense of balance. “There is power,” she said, “in surviving ugly moments.” 

Huffington Post: Yale’s Renowned Global Justice Professor Is Accused Of Sexual Harassment

“After I internalized all that had transpired, all the injustices that had been committed not only against me but against every potential future victim of Pogge’s, I earned a sense of peace with coming forward, and necessity," Lopez Aguilar said."  “Unless these institutions are unveiled to the public, there tends to be little chance of helping them reform their antiquated and discriminatory norms."

Yale Daily News: Philosophy Professor Accused of Sexual Harassment

Renowned Yale Philosophy Professor Thomas Pogge has consistently used his “fame and influence” to sexually harass younger women in his field over the past several decades, according to allegations published Friday by Buzzfeed News.

Inside Higher Ed: Yale Philosopher Named in Harassment Complaint

"Thomas Pogge, a professor of philosophy at Yale University who’s built his career on ethics and global justice, retaliated against a former student for resisting his advances and has been accused of sexually harassing numerous other young women, according to a federal civil rights complaint first reported on by BuzzFeed."


Tweet: "Institutions may not require a complainant to abide by a nondisclosure agreement, in writing, or otherwise"-NotAlone #BelieveYaleSurvivors

Tweet: Universities must hold their faculty accountable for violence against students #BelieveYaleSurvivors

Tweet: Faculty abuse of students is unacceptable. I stand with Yale Survivors. #BelieveYaleSurvivors

Tweet: @endrapeoncampus assisted survivors in filing Clery complaint against Yale #BelieveYaleSurvivors @Buzzfeed:

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